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We’re thrilled you are interested in having Danny speak at your event. His 2023 calendar is filling up, so please fill out the form below, and we’ll put your date on hold!

The next steps are super simple!

1. Get in touch

Contact Danny’s team to secure your date. (There is zero obligation). On this call, we will discuss your event goals.

2. Schedule a call

Once a date is secured, we will schedule a call to better understand your event’s audience and your specific goals of the event. Danny will create a custom session description to ensure the event is transformative for the audience and that all your goals are being met!

3. Prior to the event

Leading up to the event, Danny will schedule a call to review the program details and ensure the event will be stress-free and transformative come event day!

4. Event Day

Danny is a professional. He arrives early, ensures there is time for a sound check and will make sure the event will run smoothly.

5. Post Event

Post event, Danny will schedule a follow up call to ensure your goals were met and will continue to be a resource and friend for your future events!

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Danny Goldberg

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