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Danny is a life-long entrepreneur, turned keynote speaker.

His perspective on life has been greatly shaped through two moments:

When he was 20, he lost his dad to cancer. When he was 25, he lost his mom to cancer.

Those losses, as devastating as they were, taught him the biggest lesson: how to have a life worth living.

He stopped waiting for someday and chose to live the life he wanted today.

It’s his mission to help you do the same. Embrace your life now. Don’t wait for the day when it seems possible—that day will never come. Learn from his mistakes, his triumphs, his life—the time to live courageously is now.

Through Keynote Speaking, he aims to help others envision and embrace their “someday life” before “someday” passes them by.

Speaking Topics

Someday Starts Today

Creating The Blueprint: Designing Your Intentional Life.

The New Work-Life Equation:

A new equation for work life balance. How prioritizing your personal well-being enhances your professional success.

The Real Currency of Retention

The new formula for successful leadership starts with putting your team first and empowering their personal goals before your own. How greater autonomy and care leads to more creativity and greater success.

Danny's material is real and raw...leaving audiences connected, inspired, and ready to make moves

– Sarah Ohanesian

Danny is INSPIRING! His life journey is remarkable and POWERFUL!

– Sixcia Devine, CEO Caritas Smile

Danny brings you on an emotional journey that inspires change. Danny gave me courage to pursue my dreams.

– Lisa Lyons – Speaker, Entrepreneur

A story of significant loss and incredible success . . . You NEED to hear!!!

– Jim Sorebo Chief Distribution Officer, iCover

Danny ignites his audiences with his uniquely grounded story-telling. You will lean in with anticipation.

– David Lea. Speaker. Coach. Thought-Leader

Wisdom of an 81 year old.

– Nick Evans – Master Certified Coach

Hiring Danny for your next event is a no-brainer. He's authentic and down-to-earth, and his story is one that will move and inspire your audience. After hearing Danny speak, I am more likely to take risks that bring me closer to living the life I really want to be living. The change he inspired in me is powerful!

– Casey Zavaleta

Danny is a rock star! Loved his speech… It was heartfelt, engaging and inspiring. His delivery was flawless--a model for what a TED talk can truly be.

– Thomas P. Farley, Mister Manners

Danny was an incredible speaker at TEDxBronxvilleHS. His speech captivated the entire audience through his moving diction and energizing body language, and I could see genuine inspiration in the audience members. I was truly emotional listening to his presentation and genuinely would recommend him for your event.

– Leo Nevezhin – TEDx Host

Your Intentional Life Starts Today

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